These happen to be software providers as they provide both Live Casino and online casino games.

The establishment of this company was made in 2015, and it is has grown very quickly since then. Provision is made for HTML5 games which are up to 100 and supplied across 78 languages making use of the different languages which are up to 26.

Of course, this product already placed its focus table games and slots. In 2018, this was changed as they bought the Extreme Live Gaming.

After the purchase, instead of making further development of the software, the Pragmatic Live Gaming already decided to shut down the Extreme gaming studio.

The intention they had was to make a new development of the games such that it will suit the Leaderboard capabilities and the sophisticated marketing of the games produced by Extreme.

This was done just to ensure that a solution is provided for the need of the operator so that they come up with something tangible when talking about the recent Live Casino games.


Live Casino Experience

In November 2018, we had contact with the representative of the Pragmatic play. It is with great ecstasy they plan to build and deliver a new casino operation that will be relevant to the market situation.

After then a new market studio already established in Romania for sustainable development. On April 1st, 2019, the operational class 2 License was granted by the regulator in Romania

In May 2019, the Roulette and Blackjack went live, is the first live casino games to be provided

Additional games were also provided to make provision for the casino sites

First Impression

The first impression we had is quite cool, the Blackjack and Live Roulette is highly playable, having covered the need basic requirement of the players. But then we are quick to notice that the “Nice to Have” we are used to seeing on other suppliers are not present

We already talked to the head of each Live casino, and this is to address the items they are meant to deliver when the product updates of subsequent games will be made

As we speak, the team responsible for the development of Pragmatic Live Casino games include Ezugi, Playtech, Ex Evolution, and some other reputable ones. Our expectation is for this to be done in 12 months

Live Casino Studio

Just as it earlier stated, Pragmatic Play already developed an art studio in Romania for better efficiency. The initial capacity of the Live Casino games is 43 tables, but then provision has been made for expansion if needed. This is the exact place in which you are going to stream the general play

You will observe that the studio is highly sophisticated going by the fact that it was decorated using the Green and Gold. The VIP areas are the association of the color scheme for both offline and online games.

Provision is made for the 4 camera angles on the roulette in which you will see at the right, they are both meant for the dealers and the players. If there is an additional, it’s going to get your head spinning, this can be said to be the very reason why it is more preferable to make use of the classic view while enjoying the gameplay.

While carrying out the gameplay, the focus of the camera is placed on the reels such that the balls can be tracked and focus can be placed on how it skips before you can make some landings

Of course, you will observe that the streaming quality is quite good, and over 4k cameras are being used in making the facilities

The tables have a very good sound such that you the activities can be heard in the background and it won't serve as a distraction for the players

Looking at the view distance, it's quite good as well as you will not have to feel too far from the actions when you are playing the game. The cards and some other activities going on can be seen clearly.

Live Casino Games

It will be of utmost importance to examine the games in some other ways. Currently, provision has already being made for the Roulette, Blackjack, but then plans have been put into place to ensure the introduction of the live dealers.

Live Roulette

The gameplay is according to the Vegas Rules, and initially, the players and the dealers are going to get two games.

In case the dealer shows an Ace, insurance will be offered to the players just before the dealer will be able to see if it's a Blackjack or not. Cases whereby there is Blackjack, the game is going to end on that note

The players are given double up on any of the two cards. The pairs include mixed 10’s. having said this, the additional cards are as well given and provision is not made for any double

Provision is as well made for a side bet of 21 = 3, and they are both in perfect pairs. These games can be played alongside each of the hands. Also, there is the availability of the bet behind after they have taken all the seats

The Lobby

This is so basic, and it contains information regarding the number of table games. Stock images are the picture of the dealer, instead of the ones at the table.

Connection Speeds

The video quality can be set right in the playing UI, and if the connection seems to be bad, it’s going to automatically set to a classic playing view

Licensed Environments

13 gambling authorities are responsible for the licensing of Pragmatic Play. They include the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. Malta, Gibraltar, and others


Two playable games have been launched by the Pragmatic Play, but then there are some missing functions in the interface and lobby of the games.

The fortunate thing is that pragmatic has given due recognition to these lapses, and a conscious effort has been made to duly enhance subsequent productions.



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