The Terms and Condition and Terms of Service (ToS)

The only thing that can serve as an agreement between players and the is the terms and conditions reached. Every player that signs up or making any formal registration on the casino site is automatically considered to have read the terms and condition and clearly, understand the content. However, it is of utmost importance for players to ensure they check the site regularly. This is for them to know if any recent updates may probably have caused changes to existing terms and condition. If you are not satisfied with the latest updates, you should stay away from the site on anything related. Players are fully responsible for going through the terms and conditions. The site will not be held accountable if the viewer is not able to understand the terms and conditions clearly stated.

Eligibility to use the site

Players that are under the age of 18 are not allowed to access the casino. Various ages are specified for each jurisdiction, but it is mostly 18 for different jurisdiction. People who fall under these exceptional categories should stay away from this site.

Use of the Site

The authorization and usage of this site are only meant for personal use, and no account should anybody make use of the content of this site for commercial purpose. These sites must be accessed duly following the privacy, intellectual property, data protection, and some and some other law in the United Kingdom. The usage of this site is free, and there are no charges of any kind.

Copyright Information

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Limitation of Liability

It is important to note that no form of gambling activity is carried out on this website. Information, opinions, and advice on this website are merely for informational purpose. This website is no way affected and cannot bear the liability for any damage or losses suffered by any player. This site is not a gambling provider, and players are left to reach the agreement directly with any online casino they intend dealing with. Any form of grievance will have to be settled by both. Talking about viruses and malware, denial of service, Trojan attacks, or any negative issues, this site will be in no way responsible for the earlier stated issues. Players who come to this site will automatically be making a kind of implied agreement to all the risk involved. This website is making a conscious effort to reduce the risks that players will possibly face. However this site will not be responsible for reasons that are more than critical.

Liability for Third-Party Content

Players are to make double confirmation about the information that is published on this site. They should understand the fact that this is a third party issue and they should know if it is correct and up to date. Information passed on this website are offered in good faith, but the site will be in no way responsible for any false updates. The terms and condition of the third party site should read and understood before entering an agreement with them. Losses players suffered when using the third party business does not concern this site.

Words and write-ups that violates the Law of the European Union and the English Law will be immediately removed as at when noticed. No liability will be catered for on any illegal content before we see it. The hints, strategies, links, guides, and others are solely given to help players and provide them with insight. Information that happened to be fake, unreliable will not be the liability of this website.

Responsible Gambling

This site has offered thoughtful advice and does not encourage illegal gambling or underage gambling. Players who are addicted to gambling are advised to go for professional help. To contact this site, you can reach the owner via email [email protected]. All issues raised by the players will be given due consideration to some reasonable extent.