VISIONARY IGAMING LIVE CASINOIn 2008, Martin Reiner established this company in Costa Rica. It is with the help of some management team that this turns out to be a great success in the world of online gambling.

Having seen how great the potential of the Live Gaming is, they left Vuetec, the source for capital, and come up with the Visionary iGaming

Till the present moment, the Live Casino does not seem to be very spectacular due to the absence of an interaction between the player and the dealer

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With that particular situation on the ground, it serves as an opportunity for the ViG Management to come into play, they were able to some other excitement as the live product's social element is well nurtured

Looking at how trustworthy the Live games are, you should be able to create an environment in which real names will be used to address the players on joining the live dealer and make better interaction in the community.

The dealer software is built right from the ground. Provision has been made for their development offices in Melbourne, Australia

  • As of 2010, the movement was made into the 3-flor building, where the state-of-the-art studio was built, and provision is made for the IT and Customer Support team
  • The Authentic casino hardware is being used by the ViG. They include the Cammegh digital roulette, Shuffle Master, Standard-sized playing card and shoes. Custom oversized cards are not being used with the inclusion of grocery scanners and bar codes. The land-based players will be so familiar with this kind particular experience.
  • Other software is tested for the past 9 years. This looks to be so much reliable, and up to 99.89% is being quoted uptime.
  • The interface of the game is built in such a way that it has compatibility with both mobile and desktop devices.
  • The Live Baccarat and the Live Roulette can be played on the mobile device
  • The support service is very efficient, and provision has been made for helpful and friendly support service to ensure that any issue raised by the players are given the proper attention needed
  • More than 120 people are being employed, and this deals with over 25,000 players every month

As of May 2017, the ViG game was able to acquire the Global Gaming Lab which happens to be its competitor. The VIG's customer base has been taken, as it moves from 40 – 60 casinos. In April 2017, we visited the Visionary IGaming company and we examined the Live Blackjack.

The background is quite interesting, but then what is exciting about this are the live games provided for.

Live Casino Games

Provision has been made for three games which include Live Baccarat, Live Roulette, and the Live Blackjack. But then there are many things to this particular thing. The support team and the operators are technocrats. At one point or the other, they were all technocrats and very good when it comes to playing table games.

Live Roulette

Provision has been made for two versions of Roulette. The European version is with a Single Zero, and you will get to see Double Zero at the American Roulette.

You should go to European Roulette. The RTP for the American Roulette is 94.7%, and the RTP for the European Roulette is 97.30%.

Live Blackjack

This is one of the best Blackjack games around the globe. Visionary IGaming can be said to be the trusted supplier that has the same rule just as the Ezugi

The Blackjack made available are unique, and the payout is always very early. The development of this was made by the founder of the Visionary IGaming.

Provision is made for an option in which you can cash out your hands, just before there will be the completion of a calculated sum of the value in the hand of the dealer and the players in general

The version of the Blackjack is up to three. They include

  • Classic 7 seat Blackjack – This Blackjack makes use of the Vegas rule, and the playing positions are up to 7
  • Early Payout Live Blackjack – Provision is made for a multiplayer, in which several numbers of players can play at a time
  • Blackjack HD – This happens to be an HD version of the game that will give you the chance to play using the full-screen mode. Provision is made for a surrender option with the inclusion of seats that are up to 7

Players can as well go for a side bet in which the perfect pairs can as well be played on all the games.

Live Baccarat

The Live Baccarat is as well made in two versions. The first one is the standard Baccarat, and the other ones are Super 6 Baccarat.

  • Super 6 Baccarat – This is made provision for the Super 6 side bet
  • Standard Baccarat – This is played just like the Baccarat rule, and you will be given the chance to make use of an additional side bets

The main language that the dealer can speak includes Spanish and English, but then a casino that wants a table game that is dedicated can make the dealer speak any of the languages they desire.


The solution packaged by the Visionary IGaming is into three. They include

  • Live Turnkey Online Casino – Customers are given the allowance to launch their live casino as soon as they want it to be. The solution comprises of the games provided by the casino games, or any form of payment which include the usage of different currencies
  • Live Casino in a Box – Customers are given the chance to access the terminal making use of the PC terminal. Primarily, this is aimed at betting shops, and live casino products are being offered to the betting kiosks and fruit machines.
  • Live Casino Game Feed – Customers are given the allowance to add the Visionary IGaming Casino games to the existing infrastructure they already had.


Products released by the Visionary IGaming are of good quality, and they will give the customers the best of experience.



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