These are two software providers that happen to be an Italian-based, and they have made a collaborative and conscious effort in approaching the live gaming world.

Of course, it looks quite challenging to address this live casino. Can it be addressed as the Portomaso Gaming Solution or the Wirex Live Casino solution?

The thing is that you can address the company making use of the two names.

The company happens to be a solution provider, and there is every possibility that you will like to deal with it making use of live streaming.

The wirex is right in the background, they can be considered as the casino that ensures they make use of the technical capabilities and the system of the account management.

This happens to be an Italian iGaming software that the establishment was made in 2002. The company aims to develop a range of solutions for the Sportsbetting market and the Live Casino

Collaboration has been made with the Portomaso Gaming, and the necessary Live Casino solution has been made.

This solution is to the inclusion of Portomaso Gamings knowledge and technical capabilities to come up with amazing live casino games.

Range of live casino games has been provided, and it can be hosted on Oracle Land-Based Casino and the Portomaso. All are done on the premises of the customers.

Live Casino Solution

Provision made for the Live Casino games is into version. The first set of is the games that can be streamed on the Oracle land-based and the Portomaso in Malta.

The other one can be said to be the Live Casino game in a studio seen in the Portomaso casino. There are various playing experiences for each of the solutions.

  • Live Baccarat – This can be streamed from the casino floors
  • Live Blackjack – This can be streamed within the Portomaso casino
  • Live Roulette – Players can stream this at Oracle Casinos and the Portomaso, and they are built for a purpose

Live Casinos

  • Having reviewed these live casino games, it is only a few that we can recommend

Portomaso Gaming and Wirex Live

We were able to play the table games provided by the Portomaso Gaming, but when the United Kingdom Gambling Commission came into place. The casino we tried out made the decision not to accept the license and made a withdrawal

Looking at how well the introduction of the products has been enhanced, we can say we are impressed with this particular development. The interface of the casino is designed with the HTML5, which is an indication that it is playable both on the Tablets and the Casino games

Players will enjoy the live streaming, and the various cameras made available will give you the needed close-ups such that you will not have to rely on the computer before you can get the result.

Looking at the streaming solutions, the ones with the Oracle casino are preferable because they make use of the cream-colored tables.

Of course, they have clearer imagery and it's easier to have a clear sight on what's actually on the table. The images generated by the computer cannot be said to be the same, but then the most important thing is to see what's actually on the table

Studio Solution

If you check out their studio solution, you will observe that they are very interesting. Provision is made for two Blackjack, so they can always be busy. Players can bet behind when the tables are quite full.

The Blackjack side bets are of wide range, they include the perfect pairs and 21+3. The only disappointment is that the provision is not made for Baccarat Roadmaps. For the last 10 results, you will get to see them on the table, but this may not look satisfactory for the Baccarat fans.

Having said this, it is an opportunity for the development of this kind of game. Just in case you have an interest in the games and the below listed Live Roulette.

To the best of our knowledge, Portomaso Gaming happens to be the only one that makes provision for a Hilo side bet while carrying out gameplay on the roulette.

Oracle Live Punto Banco

It happens to be the seven-seat table which is highly situated at the Oracle casino. Going by the fact that the table has a cream color, it looks much easier to see the cards that have already been dealt with clearly

  • Wins made by players are paid making use of even money
  • Provision is not made for any road map or side bet
  • The result of the 10 rounds of games are the only meaningful statistics
  • The wins of the bankers are paid using 19/20, and this is exactly how the edge is being made by the house
  • The games can be played using Mobile devices or PC

Portomaso Live Roulette

  • The wins of the players are being paid using 1:1
  • It can be played using the mobile device and PC
  • The ties are paid to make use of 8:1
  • There are up to 9 seats on the table
  • Cards are being dealt with in a clear perspex

Oracle Live Roulette

  • Provision is not made for a Hilo side bet
  • There is only a table game
  • The interface used in playing the game is the same

Live Auto Roulette

  • Provision is made for an Hi-Lo bet, but it is optional
  • The spin time is quite low, and it is amazing if you are looking for quick games
  • The compressed air is responsible for the control of the wheel.

Studio Live Blackjack

  • The pair can be split up which is up to 4 times
  • The value can be doubled on any card
  • The split aces can only be done with just a card

Studio Lounge Live Roulette

  • Provision is made for two cameras, in which the other one is used for close up on the wheels
  • You can save and reuse the favorite bets
  • They are meant for VIP


This software provider can be rated averagely, and many other online casinos make use of their software. Although the games are not very spectacular, provision has been made for the core elements.



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