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Asia Live TechAsia Live Tech Casino Review | Live Games

A well-diversified live casino firm located in Svay Rieng, Cambodia, established year 2011, with all the software enhanced utilizing Flash preferable to HTML5, covering wider range of live games, alongside licenses approved under the jurisdiction of Cambodian government

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Asia Live Tech Casino Review | Live Games


Asia Live Tech appeared in the Casino sector somewhere around the year 2011, having situated in Svay Rieng, Cambodia. This firm has about 800 – 1000 workforce, alongside a hundred functioning as Live Merchant. Besides, Asia Live Tech exhibits an accreditation in line with their Online Gaming operations approved under the jurisdiction of Cambodian Authorities.

While you explore this gaming site, you'll certainly come across seven Live Casino Games which are as follows;

  • Dragon Tiger, Fan-Tan, Baccarat, Roulette, Sic Bo, BelangKai & Xoc Dia.

In Cambodia, Across Lucky89 High-street Casino & Lodges, there exist three Game rooms venue therein. This Casino gaming room encompasses five tables, just for online gamesters solely. The 89 studious incorporates eight tables over the casino arena. Lucky Room runs eight tables portioned out with high-street gamers.

Asia Live Tech History

Asia Live Tech

This firm got established around the year 2011, initially exists as a Casino gaming developer subject to digital currencies. Asia Live Tech offers economical White brand services, software fusions & an online accreditation approved under the jurisdiction of Cambodian authorities, which authorizes their punters to tender their services to multi-national online aficionados.

Business owners who run casino firms, partners & solution providers can as well utilize a variety of organized solutions, like Customer care services, dealership & the engagement of Live Merchant tables which authorizes them to provide an all-encompassing solution.

At first, this firm took off just in the form of a software mediator, however, they discover the standard of the external software utilized by them never comply with their current specification. Therefore, they thereby resolved to invent the software their selves. Asia Live Tech areas of specialization are as follows;

  • Streamable Asian Table games – Roulette, Xoc Dia, BelangKai, Baccarat, Fan-Tan, Sic Bo & Dragon Tiger.
  • Asian Lotto's
  • Slot Games
  • Keno
  • Bookies

Overview of Asia Live Tech

This assessment write-up on Asia Live tech lay more emphasis on the firm's exclusive Live Casino software. Perhaps you have an interest in browsing through their alternative software's of this firm, its quite a perfect beginning.

We already had encounters playing for longer duration via a choice of their online casino affiliates together with gamblers with motives of placing bets with their hard currencies.

The whole of the games is one-many with the arrangement, which implies that a participant places stakes over the game outcome they watch currently, the gamers do not influence in deciding on the gameplay. The trial-version of the games does not influence by any means towards the game result.

Live Casino Software's

This gaming firm makes available live merchant games which players can stream it straight away from three-game rooms sections inside the range of Lucky89 High-street Casino & Lodge center situated around Cambodia. The custom-made casino gaming room exhibits five tables & three games, meant for online gamers solely.

  • Baccarat (two formats; Baccarat Squeeze & Punto Banco)
  • Roulette
  • Sic Bo

Also, there exist two-game room sections. The 89 studio exhibits eight tables arranged on the casino arena taking into account the masses, audiences, etc. The Lucky Room incorporates alternative eight tables that are subject to double play tables such that a player runs the games with live gamers available in the gaming. This section is the most valid among the three playing arenas. They are as follows;

  • Baccarat (Punto Banco).
  • Belangkai
  • Dragon Tiger
  • Sic Bo
  • Xoc Dia

Fan-Tan | Two formats; Classic & Uncomplicated

Across this gaming firm, you can as well explore the choice of streaming the software's from a “Disco” spot. Noisy sounds & humankind rocking their selves get fervently stimulated. This section is accessible & runs through the hours of seven pm at dark hours through to five am every day.

Besides, participants can come across a facility which enables several gamesters the choice to gamble through a mobile device, for cases unachievable to carry out the operations on the web.

They can use a Proxy server to set forth their stakes for their sake during which they view the event on the web.

Standards of Stream Technology

The game window environment entirely exhibits the capacity to select the standard of streaming within the range of “Gentle” & High Definition, alongside “Gentle” demanding not to mention, high frequency compared to High Definition.

While playing through with the High Definition, it never occurs for once for the display to go empty.

However, with the “Gentle” feature, there's possibility to experience some delay occasionally & mostly come across the outcome disclosed ahead of the hands got handled via the merchant. Whereas it will never got persistent like that.

Assumedly, the stream concepts adopted by this firm seems to be exceedingly reactive to bandwidth complications.

The Game Play Interface

The Gameplay window for the entire games is up & running, alongside extra alternatives on offer subject to the game decided to play.

Several games run efficiently & stretch completely across the display (an example is games categorized cards) whereas the rest only shows a decorated image.

The musicals turns on in the absence of an alternative, however, the user can silent it at their discretion, perhaps they are not comfortable. The interplay of the Baccarat game presents the arrangement for the ongoing bet token. The common language used in English.

Despite, there exists a chat toll, the merchants find it unwilling to embark on whichever sort of dialogue.

The Game Store

The game store of Asia live tech is quite enjoyable & direct. You'll come across four groups, a section set aside for every single game room Lucky Room, 89 Room, iStudio & an option for the whole games. Every single group presents the games made available in such a “Game room”.

The panel to show the whole game, categorizes them by game type. Selecting a game tends to show the entire tables irrespective of the game room in which they get involved.

Analysis details for every single table get displayed across the interplay, therefore it's possible to view the arrangement & data of the game to assists in selecting the table to play. One thing that is admirable with the game store is its plainness & details shown.

Live Baccarat

There is a provision of three variants of Baccarat collections.

  • Punto Banco
  • Baccarat Squeeze
  • Baccarat risk
  • It's playable alongside eight decks
  • Shuffling by hand & bet.
  • Burn cards at the start of the shoe & each hand.
  • Tie gamble rewards 8:1.
  • Complete pack of Baccarat Road Maps.

Players can run it across the table game room & straightaway across the casino arena.

Live Sci Bo (TAI XIU)

Live Sci Bo game type run alongside three dice. It's possible to place stakes across various results from a spin of the three dice.

There exist two tables, an option in the game room & another along the casino arena. The Table arrangement across the casino arena is extremely classic compared to the game room format.

Live Roulette

European version of Roulette with a single Zero. There exist two-game counters, an option in the game room & other across the casino arena. The only stakes from online gamesters gets engaged. The merchant's positions by the reel, absence of a table. The reel axis gets modified alongside every single spin.

There exists a thirty second gambling duration. It's possible to place stakes utilizing the gambling matrix & through the racecourses. The fellow stakes get set at 4.

Live Dragon Tiger

There exists nothing like a bonus that a player can acquire with Tiger or Dragon Winnings. Perhaps a Tie outcome, 50% of bets gets refunded to the gamester. An outcome arrangement gets presented for the ongoing bets. The Tie disburses 8:1, Tiger & Dragon disburses 1:1.

Live Fan Tan

Both of the formats of this most famous game alongside the Chinese. The straightforward format is playable alongside three Dice.

The classic format utilizes numerous playing tokens. Gamblers place stakes across a range within 1 & 4, likewise the match thence. The outcome gets influenced by engaging several 4's aside from the overall digit. The rest of the figure the influences the outcome. Perhaps there exists no excess, then the outcome is 4.


This game type runs as a Vietnamese gambling game, playable alongside four-coin formed chips of 2 separate colors. The motive of the game is to place stakes the appropriate outcomes of combos.

The merchant set the currency across a plate & place a cup cover. He/she can then jiggle the cup, thereafter set forth the stakes. The merchant discloses the outcomes. The whole of a single color disburses 9.5: 1, Odd/Even & Ties disburses 0.97: 1. Different colors disburses 2.5: 1.


Belangkai commonly referred to Belangkas, hails from Malaysia & special to this casino firm. Gamers can place stakes across either position of a quadrangular covering tends to actualize whenever the merchant makes some spinning.

Every single feature incorporates its distinct image, a fish, King Crab, flower, & crayfish. As regards real stakes, ever single characters disburse 2.85: 1. It's achievable to actualize alternative gambling combos. The data gets displayed for the preceding 78 spins.

Multiple Tables

Multiple tables enable the choices to run three games simultaneously across a gaming window.

A basic format of each interplay is available for every single game.

Disco Pit

This includes the software's already established for a particular requirement. The various offerings make available dance hall, melodious sounds, rocking & likable audiences alongside in-play.

Casino Games

High street & online gamesters can play with one another, getting a kick out of the ambiance with the dance hall.

At present, Baccarat & Sic Bo is accessible. However, punters can make a demand for alternative games.

Mobile Compatibility

All the software gets enhanced utilizing Flash preferable to HTML5, considered as a regular of aged online innovations. Perhaps you intend to play on the go, its necessary to install an application for the two of android or apple gadgets. You'll get to come across Url's to these apps via the firm website.

The game window runs in a landscape setting. The whole games get reduced slightly, therefore it's available for several games. Navigating through is quite a slick process, likewise, the game window for all software options is quite appealing.


Asia Live Tech includes among the majority of Live Casino firms that offer their software's particularly across to clients from Asia. Also, they include among most developers eager to enlarge across to the new sector.

Appealingly, the Roulette option is solely available to online gamesters. it's never actually secure its impression for High-street Asian gamers. The game interplay & graphics encompasses an exceedingly aged experience. The plain disparity is the location of the game room & tables.

The whole of their firm tables are accessible across the casino arena of a high street casino floor whereas a number is solely accessible for online gamers.

This development is gaining access alongside the European software developers. Presently, Roulette and Baccarat are streamable from high-street casinos by class of Evolution Live Game provider.



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