live BlackJackThe fastest, most efficient, and the best featured online Blackjack game is none other than Evolution Live Blackjack. This top-quality, high speed, and interesting game can be found anywhere. The live blackjack is modified very well to give the best playing experience on smartphone, desktop, and tablet – Live Blackjack online game also boasts of different varieties of live tables is solely designed for different operator.

The game is packed with unlimited fun and entertainment. It also comes with additional features such as Side Belts, Pre-Decision as well as Bet Behind, which adds speed and vibration this giving the game a more scalable feature. Players can connect to live games directly from the operator with the help of the Direct game launch. This is made possible by linking to the emails, marketing campaign, text, and unrestricted access to all available tables present in the live lobby. You can also have access to specially designed apps that can be used to increase KPIs.


It gets fast and fun; the important Live Blackjack game provides a huge number of standard and VIP tables from one source for players with multiple devices.

Each player picks one out of the 7 seats available at every live table; meanwhile, there is an infinite number of players also who can engage in the ‘Bet Behind' process. The professional dealers meet and interact with the players all through the duration of the game. Bets are placed with real through a simple connection that affords players with comparative advantage of reaching as a hand that is closer to 21 when compared to that of the dealer. You can select your preferred choice of game view while you sit back and enjoy your game. You can also have different options of insurance, full-screen video, split pair bets, and double down.

We have the 21+3 and Matching Pairs Side Bets, Bet Behind, and Pre-Decision, which have more unique features, that are listed below. Players have the opportunity of making extra interest while operators generate more revenue.


A huge scalable Bet Behind is completed by low-stakes, party-style option of our number one Live Blackjack. Using bubbly chat and music as well as a game guide from an experience-dealer and hostess/co-presenter on TV, which is more focused primarily on thrilling the players.

There are rich betting features for the top 7 players at the table which include 21+3 and matching Pairs side bets, Pre-Decision, Doubling Down, Insurance, and Splitting Pair

In addition to this, an endless number of players waiting for their turn can engage in Bet Behind activity till any of the occupied seven seats become vacant. Players who are already seated can also use the bet behind function to bet on other seated players while they are cheered and encouraged by the presenter's own team.


Bet Behind permits an unlimited number of players to place bets behind any of the 7 major players who have been positioned to sit at the table. This increases multi-player scalability and provides higher income for the conventional 7-seat games.


While waiting for any of the occupied 7 seats to be vacant, Players can choose to use the Bet Behind function. However, a seated player can also choose to bet behind any one of his co-player.

Players who are on a continuous winning run have gold medals positioned close to their names. The number of the medal indicates the number of rounds or games won by a player. A player's level of professionalism and current form is indicated by three stars and two ribbons located around the medal, which gives a clear indication of the player's current form and strength.

The stars and ribbons indicating a player's current form can be seen by all waiting and seated players. This will serve as betting criteria for those who would want to bet behind other players. By doing so, their chances of winning are enhanced because they can see the ability of the player they are betting behind.

Since the bet behind option supports low stakes, new players can be encouraged to play the live Blackjack online game. Players who are waiting for their turn and have used the bet behind option can still have the opportunity to use the sit-in bet feature when it is their turn to play.


More unique and additional betting option is added to 21+3 Side Bets and perfect of matching pairs games. Players can make use of this additional and unique features to enjoy their gaming experience while seated at the table.

Matching side bet in pairs: As a player, you have an opportunity to win more payouts when your pair of cards have different colors and are a perfect match.

21+3 side bet: The dealer has the opportunity to decide who wins the whole range poker-style card combinations made up of each player's first two cards.


This makes our world the fastest online Live Blackjack even more engaging and faster. Pre-Decision gives players the leverage to decide if they want to Double Down, Stand, Hit, or Split all at once as the first player, without any delay in waiting for their turn. This also means that players and operators have more games per hour.