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Top Live Blackjack Casino Online Games of 2023

A well-shuffled deck of cards and a blackjack table are key features of a Casino. You can place your wager using the game interface along with other players and the Blackjack dealer. Just like a real casino, you can feel relaxed while you play your online casino game. Bonus rewards and a variety of casino games range have all been included to make you enjoy your Blackjack online casino games.

The real-life host is a very good feature of live blackjack and is a favorite to players, and it also comes with a lot of interesting features. The real-life host comprises of beautiful and handsome male and females who are in charge of shuffling and dealing the cards. However, you should check the site to be sure it's not on our list of blacklisted live dealer blackjack so you won't get too carried away the beautiful appearance of the live host.

How do we rate the top Blackjack Online Casino?

There are different live Blackjack Online Casino games, and each of them comes with its unique features. There are over 21 online live dealer games, and it is quite difficult to find the right one that can meet your expectations. We have carried out an extensive review on different live Blackjack games, and we have put critical factors such as payment methods, information security, game speed, etc. into due consideration. You do not have to worry about finding the right online casino site. We have carefully and thoroughly reviewed over a hundred different casino sites, and we have streamlined them into these recommended sites that are hassle-free, easy to use, secure and user-friendly. Furthermore, we have also selected these sites based on some unique features which includes:

  • Compatibility with multiple devices

Online Casino Live Blackjack players can log into these sites using multiple devices. You can have access to the best online casino gaming experience irrespective of the platform or operating system of your device. From android to IOS to java etc., you can log in to these sites, sit back and play your favorite online casino game.

  • Tables with skill level and stages

Every player will like to test their strength and prowess by trying different skill levels in different tables. You can simply rise from being a beginner to a pro and even graduate towards becoming a master of the game. Whatever choice you might pick, these sites have them in store for you. Would you like to play with the very best in the game or would you rather like to begin with the basic stage in online casino live blackjack game? Make your pick and enjoy yourself while making cool money by betting behind other players or seats.

  • They provide the best odds you can ever get

Having a variety of options is not just cool but exciting. This means that you can bet on different odds and make more money. Many online gamers have sought sites that them the opportunity of placing bets on a wide variety of possible outcomes. This has prompted us to research and review hundreds of online casino sites and come out with the very few ones that the best odds you can ever think of. So what are you waiting for? Simply log into our recommend sites and have a feel of playing with several odds to bet from.

  • Bonus top-up

Have you ever been in a situation whereby you see a very good betting option with a nice juicy odd, but you do not have the instant cash to bet on that particular game? Frustrating right? Sure it is. We have carried out a comprehensive review of different online casino sites, and we are rating these sites based on their features. An online casino live blackjack site should be able to provide players with realistic bonus top-up so they can afford to play and bet behind their favorite player.

About Live Dealer Games

Not all live blackjack casinos are created equal, and with the sheer number of sites online offering 21 live dealer games, finding one that lives up to expectations can feel as intimidating as searching for a needle in a haystack. Fortunately, our reviewers have done the leg work for you, testing out everything from the security measures to pay out speeds, ensuring we're only bringing you the best rated live blackjack casinos on the market:

Why You Should Play Live Dealer Blackjack

Playing this game is like playing a real blackjack game because it has all the features of a real blackjack game which you can enjoy in the comfort of your home. The experience of playing the game is thrilling, and you can customize the game to suit your taste. You have the choice to play the game anytime and anyhow you want. The advantages of playing this game:

  • It is easy and convenient

When playing the live Blackjack game, you can assume any comfortable position you feel like since you can play it in the comfort of your home. You are the master of your environment and you can listen to lovely rock songs or your favorite playlist while you enjoy your game. You can even play the game while you take a sip from your preferred choice of beverage.

  • You don't have to worry about rigging or fixed games

One critical feature of any game should be fairness. Every game has its set of rules and not sticking to those rules attracts some consequences. It wouldn't be fair for a player to stick by all set of rules and still get the boot. Blackjack games fairness and unbiased judgment for you. You don't have to be scared that the game would be rigged or fixed.

  • Your host is a real human dealer

This makes the online blackjack game even more interesting because it gives you a feel of a live game.

  • You can decide who to choose as your dealer

Players have the luxury to choose who they want as their dealer from a list of available options. This makes you feel in control of your game and also increases gaming interaction.

  • It is very safe to play

Safety is of topmost priority. You do not need to entertain the fear of revealing your personal information or payment details because the sites are encrypted to protect sensitive information.

How you can play live Blackjack?

You should bear in mind that getting a higher number of cards than your dealer without exceeding 21, is your main goal. Your key move is when you can get a value of 21 with your first two cards. The dealer is your major opponent but there are up to seven other players playing along with you.

A total number of 52 card decks and 8 standard cards are used by many online casinos. Cards with numbers 2-10 have a face value equal to the card number. Cards with aces have a face value of 1-11 while face cards have a face value of 10. Features of an online live Blackjack after making deposits and logging in include the following.

  • Placing your bet

You will be required to place your bet.

  • Single card face up

All players will be dealt one card face-up by the dealer after all bets have been placed.

  • You start your move from the left of the dealer

The player on the left side of the dealer begins the dealing.

  • Second Card Dealing

The dealer will deal out second cards to all the players with the cards facing up while the dealer card remains face down.

  • Card Value

The value of your card is displayed on your screen

  • Blackjack

You have a Blackjack when the total value of your cards is 21 which automatically means that you have won.

  • Dealer deals another card

This occurs when the dealer does not have a card with a face value of 21 hence the players are issued another card. Some of the moves in this stage:

  1. Double down:

At this point, you have to double your bet so that you can be dealt another card.

  1. Hit:

When you take a “Hit”, you are dealt another card by the dealer

  • Splitting Your Cards

You can choose to split the cards in your initial hand if it holds two cards with the same face value. The cards you split into two different hands can have their bet of the same value. Having a double down at this stage means that you will be dealt another card which allows you to “Hit” before deciding to “Stand”.

  • Wining

This is decided by the dealer who flips over the player’s cards to reveal their face value after they have all made their move.

The goal of Live Dealer Blackjack

A hit is required if the face value of the dealer card is at most 16 while a stand is required if the cards have a face value of at least 17. Having cards with a total value above 21 signifies a Bust, which means that your bet has been lost. You are declared a winner if your cards fall close or are exactly 21 while the dealer's card is over 21. When you and your dealer have the same card value, you are also declared a winner. This is referred to as a Push.

The Benefits of Bonuses

One very key feature to look out for in a casino Blackjack is the welcome bonuses. It is surprising to see that players leave huge sums of money on the table. We have ensured that our readers are giving good bonus deals, especially online live Blackjack players. We urge you to key into this bonus offer. Whether you are an online Blackjack player or you prefer the playing slots, you are entitled to the mouthwatering bonuses.

You can also play online live Blackjack on your mobile phones. This ensures that everyone is allowed to enjoy the thrilling experience of playing Blackjack game irrespective of the platform. You can play the game whether you are at home, on the bus or even at work, all you need to do is log into the Blackjack game and start playing. Well, the only and most important thing you need to play the game is to have a good 3G or 4G internet connection. However, the use of Wi-Fi is preferable. You can play all the versions of the game on your mobile phone.

Things to consider before playing the game on your mobile phone.

There are quite a lot of things to consider below are some important things you should consider before playing the Live Blackjack Online games:

  • You should be mindful of Untrusted Connections

Do not input payment or personal details while using a Wi-Fi with untrusted connection. It is advisable to use only Wi-Fi connections that are trusted, so you should wait till you have one.

  • Play only at Casinos that are recommended

We have recommended and approved online Casinos which is safe to play. We have done a thorough review on different sites, and we have selected and recommended sites with top-level security.

  • Be mindful of your data

Streaming Live Blackjack online casino game in HD, consumes a lot of data. You should be mindful of your data usage to avoid very high bills.

  • Make sure your device is charged

You should charge your mobile device properly to avoid a scenario where your device goes off in the middle of a game.

You can now go on and enjoy your Live Blackjack Online Casino game

You are now fully aware of the rules of the game and how you can play the live Blackjack online casino game. All you need to do is to take a comfortable position, log into the interne,t and select your preferable casino game. We have given you all you need to know to be a champ in the Live Blackjack Casino game.

Other important information you should know about Live Blackjack Online Casino Game

  • Instant Payouts

We have reviewed and recommended trusted sites where you can withdraw your earnings after winning big.

  • Security

Security is a very critical factor you should consider when you play the online casino game. How secure is your information? However, you don't need to worry because we have recommended sites that guarantee personal information security with high tech software for encryption

  • Game Variants

You can enjoy playing your Casino Blackjack game using different game options available to you. We have also listed Casino sites that offer multiple game variations.

  • Reliability

Playing your casino games on sites with poor broadband speed can be very frustrating. You will have to wait endlessly for the game to complete buffering which can be pretty annoying. We have however given recommendations of sites with super-fast broadband capacity that can ensure you enjoy your gaming experience.

  • Method of Payments

One characteristic of a top-rated online casino is the ability to accept multiple payment options. We would not recommend a site that does not have different payment methods.

  • Bonuses

Some sites can offer outrageously huge bonuses so they can get you to patronize them. We have to check if those bonuses offered are truly given to players and are not just there to serve as a means of enticing players only.

Comparing Land and Online Blackjack

All Blackjack online and land casino games are really fun, exciting, and interesting to play. According to expert opinions, the live dealer blackjack is the best because of several reasons. It comes with a wide range of game types that can be played using different stakes. Getting a table to play the live Blackjack would not be difficult because many casinos offer this game service.

All types of Blackjack, from land-based through to online live dealer, offer exceptional amounts of fun. The best online Blackjack is perhaps the live dealer type, thanks to its huge number of advantages. These include the fantastic range of game types available and the fact that live Blackjack can be played at a range of stakes. Considering that live Blackjack is offered at so many casinos, it really couldn’t be easier to find a table.

Maggie Sothern, a game expert, gives her unbiased opinion that Blackjack enjoys the most popularity over other live dealer games. She reiterated further that while other forms of Blackjack games are great, the live dealer game is more thrilling and exciting.

Tips to consider when placing your bet on the live blackjack online casino game.

We have highlighted a few tips to consider while placing your bet on the live blackjack online casino games. They include the following.

  • Play at a reduced speed

When compared to other software, live dealer is a bit slower which means that you would have to wait while the human dealer deals the card to every player in the table. You shouldn't expect your cards to be dealt out to you immediately you begin.

  • Betting Limits

Betting limits is a key feature for most casinos, but you shouldn't have to be bothered about that depending on your type of gambling. Some casinos have a betting limit range of $5 to $5000. However, the betting rate in some tables falls between $1 to $2. You will have to settle for the standard variation if you are interested in betting on tables with low limit blackjack. For high stakes, Las Vegas would be your preferred option.

Types of Live Dealer Blackjack rules

  • Bet Behind

You can still engage in betting while you wait for a seat to be vacant at the table. This is made possible by using the “Bet Behind” option. You can also have access to an infinite number of bet behinds when you play at some specific tables of live dealer blackjack.

  • Double Any 2

With any type of card combination, you can afford to double down, which affords you with leverage to select your pick.

  • Double 9-11

Having a 9, 10, or 11, card value is the only option that can be used to double down. You get a double bet and receive an extra card.

  • Hit Split Aces

Splitting a pair of aces can only guarantee you one additional card.

  • Resplit

You get an additional option to resplit when you get an identical pair of cards after splitting your card.

  • Side Bets

Most blackjack tables offer players the chance to place side bets. Side bets come with considerable high wining benefits and are usually placed on some particular possible results.

  • Surrender

Surrendering your hand involves you collecting back half of your stake before your turn.

  • 10 Card Charlie

Having a 10 card Charlie is like winning a jackpot. This occurs when you have a hand that consists of at least 10 cards. You are automatically declared the winner of the game and you get to win a huge prize. However, it is rarely possible for this scenario to occur but it is still a blackjack rule.

We will advise beginners to start with the version of blackjack that is most basic so they can be better experienced to play more advanced live blackjack games with a good understanding of the rules. You can also read our playing guide for better understanding of the live blackjack game.

Frequently Asked Questions?

What is live dealer blackjack?

The use of a real human dealer, realistic table and a live video High Definition streaming capacity in a casino game all makeup what we refer to as live dealer blackjack. With several cameras positioned at different angles, you can be able to zoom in and out on the live blackjack table. You can also have the option of chatting your dealer with the aid of a microphone carefully fitted. Live dealer blackjack gives you a virtual reality of what it is like to play casino in the real world from the comfort of your home.

Is it safe to play live dealer blackjack online?

Simply put, your safety and security are assured because just like any other casino blackjack game, live dealer blackjack offers a measure of security for players. You have the opportunity to see and communicate with your dealer. Licensed casinos have been put through different tests and subjected to high-security protection assessment for both live casino and other casino online games.

Can your cards with live blackjack be counted?

It is very unlikely for your cards with live blackjack to be counted irrespective of the fact that it has a live human dealer. Player’s ability to count their cards is greatly reduced because live blackjack dealer incorporates the use cards with multiple decks which are repeatedly counted to prevent card counting by players.

Can I play for free?

Some casinos allow beginners to freely practice on their site while others do not offer free practice. However, you can still choose to practice free online until you are ready for some serious money-making by playing the live dealer game.

Do they have similar odds as regular online blackjack?

Live dealer blackjack games have odds that are similar to that of online casinos. This is so because there have been no real changes made to both games as they maintain the same uniqueness, winning structure, rules, etc. and your main opponent remains the dealer.

Can I play live blackjack on my mobile device?

Most online casinos have been designed to accommodate mobile devices. Live dealer games are now compactable to most mobile devices and tablets. You are, however, required to have a high-speed connection from the internet either through a 4G or wireless connection so that you can enjoy the thrilling experience of the live blackjack dealer game.

What strategies can I implement to improve my chances of winning?

Learning about the key rules and moves used in playing the live dealer blackjack game will help you to understand the game better and improve your odds of winning. It is much better to play on tables with fewer decks, especially when playing a regular live game. With the right strategy for betting, you can be able to effectively reduce the house edge to a value of about 0.5%

Where can I get the best online casinos live dealer blackjack?

There are some very good reputable sites where you can play the live dealer blackjack game. These sites are trusted and safe because they adhere strictly to good online security practices. One of such trusted online casino site that offers live dealer blackjack to players is Betway.

Can the live online blackjack casino game be rigged?

Online live blackjack casino games have been independently tested and verified, and they have been certified safe with a very high degree of fairness. You can verify if an online casino site is accredited because the license trademark of online casinos are displayed on their sites. Reputable casino game developers such as Evolution Gaming, Microgaming and Playtech have developed rigged free software which is used by most online casino sites, so you have nothing to worry about rigged games.

What is the working principle of live dealer blackjack?

A live video feed is opened via a link provided by live dealer technology. You can find the dealer positioned in a studio. You can interact and chat with the dealer via a microphone. Several cameras are also positioned at different angles. Your gameplay window also displaces your betting options and your wagers. You can control the activities at the dealer table by using the onscreen options available to you.

The live dealer blackjack online game makes use of real chips and actual cards. You communicate directly with the dealer rather than the use of RNG for card selection. You, however, have to remain connected on the internet because the live stream video is internet dependent.