Extreme Live Gaming

Extreme Live Gaming CasinoThe Grand Introduction to Amazing Extreme Live Gaming

In 2013, Darwyn Palenzuela established Extreme Live Gaming. Darwyn happens to be a serial entrepreneur in the live casino space.

He was able to develop a live solution for the Evolution Gaming, Ho Gaming, and Live Gaming.

The mission was to place its focus on the Asian market and then to London. Novomatic Group was the initial owner, but in 2018, Pragmatic Play bought the company. The majority of the works that contribute to the development of the games are located at their office in West London.

My first encounter with the game was in 2015 during the International trade fair held in London city. My mission that very day was to meet different casino supplier

I was able to establish a better relationship with the company, and this as served as a golden chance to come in contact with their leaders and critically inspect their studio

One thing that this company is particular about is the player’s satisfaction, and this the very reason why Darwyn has come up with great innovation that looks so much different from the USP

The Live Casino games that are of the great standard can be seen, and they include Roulette, Baccarat, and Blackjack. What will amaze you is the innovation that another software provider has never thought of.

Examples include the fact that

  • Players are given a chance to control the roulette ball in conjunction with the Golden Ball
  • They were the first to come up with the side bets while the Roulette is being enjoyed
  • For people that clearly remember, the camera is placed on each of the position of the players
  • Provision is made for native language
  • Provision is made for network and localized tournament leader boards
  • The playing option is different on Roulette which includes La Partage


The players are being offered three games on extreme

Live Blackjack

There are 7 seat Blackjack that you can play on the Vegas rules

Live Roulette

It made provision for both single and multi seats view with the inclusion of the super 6

Live Roulette with a multi-table option

Of course, there are so many things that will make the Extreme Live Gaming Solution stand out compared to its rivals

  • The first thing is the fact that the live Roulette is to the integration of side bets. The creation has been made making use of Joker Jewels, Wolf Gold, Diamond Strike, Gold Rush, Da Vinci Treasure, and the Pragmatic Play
  • If you check the Roulette, you will observe that the golden ball has been developed. For players that are lucky enough, they will be able to take control of the ball. Provision is made for a league table that runs on 20 spins. The player that is lucky enough to top the table after finishing the 20 spins will be allowed to go for another spin
  • Thirdly, it makes use of the Live Leader boards making use of the promotions
  • Lastly, Gilbratar provision is made for the land-based streaming right from the Admiral casino

Options are as well available for the Native Language options on the Blackjack and Roulette. The popular ones include Italian and German


They are the live casino recommended in which the Extreme Live Games can be recommended. What you need to do at this aspect is to check out the Blackjack with the inclusion of a side bet because not all casinos have made provision for this

Software Interface

The thing is that the interface of most of the live casino games is always busy. The display option can be switched off, and all that you will be left with is just the dealer’s view

After then, you can select the kind of information that you will like to be displayed on the interface. All screen display is designed in such a way that you can control the cameras, sound, and the streaming quality

Also, options can be found to change the language of the screen, and the players' history can be displayed. Even, the display of the streaming information on each second can be made on the frame per second

The fact that you can see the quality is so helpful, and you don’t have to make any download before you can make use of your mobile

Game Details

Extreme Live Blackjack

  • It happens to be a seven-seat game, and you will be allowed to sit right at different positions.
  • You can make use of 8 Decks, and the cut is around ¾
  • The side bets that can be played are up to 3
  • Players can decide to split pairs
  • The dealer stands on the 17s
  • Provision is as well made for players to pre-decide on each hand

Extreme Live Baccarat

  • They are used in the manual dealing shoe
  • The position is that of a singular player
  • Big Eye Road, Big Road

Live Roulette

  • Provision is made for the racetrack ability
  • Availability of the Auto Roulette
  • The camera is displayed on the wheel
  • Provision is made an Italian and German-speaking dealers
  • The betting time is 20 seconds

Land-based Roulette

  • The streaming is made right from the Admiral casino
  • The betting time is 20 seconds
  • The bets facility are special
  • It has a European Roulette with the inclusion of single zero
  • The spin-statistics is with cold and hot numbers

Multi-Table Roulette

  • It is to the inclusion of all version of Roulette
  • The games selected are on the menu


Players are going to get the best of experience while they are carrying out gameplay on these Live Games. Dealers are clearly, chatty and they quite understand the fact that the interest of the players should be prioritized

The fortunate thing for UK players is the fact that the United Kingdom Gaming Commission licenses it.

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